Founder - Dr Girish Bihari 
 and the dream continues...
Educational Qualifications
Ph.D.; M.Sc.; LL.B.; Prof. in French, Russian, German, Spanish,Diplomas in Journalism, Computer, Yoga(B.H.U.), Management,Police Community Relations
"Joined IPS in 1961 and retired as Director General of Police, State of U.P. in 1996"
"After retirement he served Management & IT Institution, IISE Lucknow (Accredited by AICTE) as Chief Managing Director (CMD), and Film Institute of the registered society eMITS, an associate Institute of Makhanlal Chaturvedi National University of Journalism and Mass Communication, Bhopal, as Director/Producer/Research/Script Writer of its video production unit"
Associations Member:
International Police Association, Research Degree Committee, Ph.D. Examiner, Indian Society of Criminology, Indian Council of World Affairs, Indian Institute of Defence Studies, Authors Guild of India. Former Principal Police Training College.
Literary and Creative Career
1. Author of the following two translations :
Gitanjali of Rabindra Nath Tagore as I saw it and understood it....  Tagore won Nobel prize for Gitanjali 95 years ago but, while a few poem to poem translations from English or Bengali to Hindi have been done, no prose translation was ever done. This is the first prose translation of Gitanjali. TV serial of this translation and its English version have already been telecast by Aastha TV  Channel. Aastha has also sold the books, audio MP3, DVDs and CDs of Gitanjali.
b. Kamayani of Jai Shanker Prasad as I saw it and understood it…305 verses of Kamayani were translated from poem to English prose and Hindi prose. Eng. translation is also the first translation of Kamayani. It is about to be televised.
2. Researched, Scripted, Directed & Produced 11 episodes of TV Serial Kamayani’ in Hindi.
3. Researched, Scripted, Directed & Produced 11 episodes of TV Serial ‘Kamayani’ in English
4. Researched, Scripted, Directed & Produced 11 episodes of TV Serial ‘Gitanjali’ in Hindi. (Telecasted on Aastha TV)
5. Researched, Scripted, Directed & Produced 11 episodes of TV Serial ‘Gitanjali’ in English. (Telecasted on Aastha TV)
6. Researched, Scripted, Directed & Produced telefilm(Crime Thriller) ‘The Soldier’s Boot’.
7. Researched, Scripted, Directed and Produced 33 episodes of TV Serial . as mentioned below
(1)  Kaushal - 01 episode.
(2)  Chamatkar– 02 episodes.
(3)  Dhikkar – 01 episode.
(4)  Lottery – 01 episode.
(5)  Subhagi – 02 episodes.
(6)  Beton Wali Vidhwa – 02 episodes.
(7)  Vaishya – 03 episodes.
(8)  Vishwas – 01 episode.
(9)  Vidrohi – 02 episodes.
(10) Damul Ka Kaidi – 02 episodes.
(11) Unmad – 02 episodes.
(12) Ms. Padma – 02 episodes.
(13) Baasi Bhaat Mein Khuda ka Sajha – 02 episodes.
(14) Jeevan Ka Shaap – 01 episode.
(15) Kanooni Kumar – 01 episode.
(16) Bhade Ka Tattu – 02 episodes.
(17) Narak Ka Marg – 02 episodes.
(18) Qaidi- 02 episodes.
(19) Swarg Ki Devi- 02 episodes.
  Total 33 episodes.